Six Month Intensive Course – Full tuition


• How to discover your call and fulfill it
• How to generate income for your ministry
• Spiritual discipline for divine excellence
• How to rightly interpret scriptures (hermeneutic)
• How to be a good speaker (homiletic)
• Ministerial management and administration
• Ministry leadership
• Turning your talents into income
• Creating products that will sell (books)
• Ministerial Branding
• How to develop global  partners for your ministry
• How to build an NGO/Non Profits
• Knowing the doctrines of the faith
• How to take your ministry global
• Divine relationship, partnership and connections for successful ministry
• Contemporary evangelism in our secular age
• How to draw people into the kingdom using the referral system
• Marketing and publicity for ministry
• Marriage, relationship for effective ministry
• Ethics in ministry
• Mental/emotional health for ministry
The tuition for this course is $3,000. You get $500 discount on your tuition and $500 worth of free resources when you pay this month. You can also pay by installments. This is for the first 100 students who register.


Oracle Bible College is an institution of spiritual excellence. A hands-on mentorship program that will impart you with a spiritual grace, refine your talents, energize your spiritual gifts and enrich you with innovative strategies and financial concepts to empower you for Excellence in every area of your life.
Crusaders Bible College is not just a place to receive in-depth biblical knowledge and to be theologically sound but a place to experience practical ministerial principles, a center of spiritual renewal, effective discipleship and activation of spiritual gifts.

The syllabus is structured in a way to equip you to be an effective Christian, an empowered worker, a proficient speaker and financially independent. We guarantee every area of your life will not be the same.
Our programs are designed to be self-paced and each program is divided into syllabus. The syllabus taught are:


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