Oracle School of Ministry

Be equipped and trained for ministry and fulfill your life mandate as you learn entrepreneurial concepts to finance your Calling in just Six Months.

This is not a theological seminary or normal Bible school but a spiritual boot camp for those who ready to be deployed into the harvest field for the end-time harvest. This is rapid growth coaching and empowerment school for those who want be efficient in their ministry as they life the life of their purpose

The syllabus is structured in a way to equip you to be effective Christian, an empowered worker, proficient speaker and financial independent. We guarantee every area of your life will not be the same.

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Successful Christian Living

You will learn how to live a successful Christian life as we take you through the spiritual regiment and revelatory truth for growth.

Interpretation of Scriptures

To be equipped with the tools to rightly interpret the scriptures under the auspices of the Holy Spirit. You will learn how to excavate the treasures of divine wisdom for practical use.

Become a good Speaker

You will be trained to be an effective communicator of GOD’S WORD. You will be equipped with the tools to preach and teach as a seasoned orator whose lips is sanctified with flames the grace of the Holy Spirit

Tools for Global Ministry

Be equipped with the technological Tools and internet strategies to take your ministry global as you reach more people for the kingdom. This is an opportunity to amplify your message to a global audience.

Global Community of Students

You will be joining a Global community of students from around the globe of diverse ethnicity as you develop vital relationship ad strategic connections for ministry.

Consolidated Resources

You will be receiving consolidated resources from seasoned ministers of God for your spiritual enrichment. We curate sermons, articles and videos of Ministers of God and make it available to you.

Core features of Oracle School of Ministry

The Tuition for Conventional Bible school is costly. However Oracle School of Ministry is affordable and structured with innovative internet technology to place the resources at the palm of your hands. All content is made available on mobile devices. The courses are also designed to be self-paced.

  1. You will be receiving videos, audio, digital books, to learn at your pace

  2. There will be monthly teleconference with seasoned and anointed men of God to stimulate revival for spiritual growth

  3. An opportunity to be featured on Oracle Media networks (oracle TV, Magazine and Blog)  as you excel as a student

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tutor PB23Not only are our courses in video format, but our written  materials are also in a light-hearted way, so you’ll absorb the serious information while enjoying yourself. That means you’re more likely to complete your course and be motivated to pursue your dream.

• How to discover your call and fulfill it
• How to generate income for your ministry
• Spiritual discipline for divine excellence
• How to rightly interpret scriptures (hermeneutics)
• How to be a good speaker (homiletic)
• Ministerial management and administration
• Ministry leadership
• Turning your talents into income
• Creating products that will sell (books)
• Ministerial Branding
• How to develop global  partners for your ministry
• How to build an NGO/Non Profits
• Knowing the doctrines of the faith
• How to take your ministry global
• Divine relationship, partnership and connections for successful ministry
• Contemporary evangelism in our secular age
• How to draw people into the kingdom using the referral system
• Marketing and publicity for ministry
• Marriage, relationship for effective ministry
• Ethics in ministry
• Mental/emotional health for ministry
The tuition for this course is $3,000. You get $500 discount when you pay at one. You can also pay by installments. This is for the first 100 students who register.

The school fees are affordable and has been structured to accommodate any income level. We also offer scholarships to those who are going through economic challenges. We have different tiers of fees from Monthly subscription payments and, bulk payments.

Students are expected to pay the required amount before they can be enrolled. The fee is affordable and various scholarship and grants will be offered to those who qualify. We reserve the right to change any of the tuition and fees.
I. DISCIPLESHIP : BUNDLE PRICE: $700 (You save $100)

II. THEOLOGY : BUNDLE PRICE: $1, 000 (You save $100 with this price)
 BIBLIOLOGY – the study of the Bible : $100
 THEOLOGY- The study of God : $100
 CHRISTOLOGY -the study of Christ :$ 100
 PNEUMATOLOGY- the Study of the Holy Spirit : $100
 ANGELOLOGY -the Study of Angels :$100
 DEMONOLOGY- the study & Deliverance from Demons :$100
 ANTHROPOLOGY – the study of man :$100
 HAMARTIOLOGY- the study of sin :$100
 SOTERIOLOGY the study of salvation :$100
 ECCLESIOLOGY – the study of the church :100
 ESCHATOLOGY – the study of the endtimes :$100

III. HERMENEUTICS : BUNDLE PRICE: $400 (You save $100 with this price)

IV. HOMILETICS : BUNDLE PRICE: $500 (You save $100 with this price)

V. CHURCH ADMINISTRATION : BUNDLE PRICE: $1,500 (You save $500 with this price)




When you pay all tuition you will get $1,100 discount and you pay $5,000



7293484Upon completion of every module, you will receive a certificate from Crusaders Bible College and automatically become a member of Oracle
Ministry Network ( and join a global network of cutting edge ministers who are making change in the nations for Christ.

Internet-Marketing-ForumYou will join a forum to discuss the home work and share your thoughts. We will set up ministerial avenues to give you the opportunity for practical ministry. After registering with your student ID number, you can access postings of your classmates and faculty members, as well as place your posts. There is a wealth of additional teachings available to you

Diverse business group meetingWe will teach you to be entrepreneurial in every field with high demand market. We will put the tools in your hands, work it with you until you can stand on your own 2 feet within the shortest possible time.

We will teach you and develop your talent and make it viable for the economy now so that you can maximize your potential in every domain.

• Weekly sermons, articles from Global renown ministers of God
• Weekly e-newsletters
• Monthly tele-conferences with prophets and apostles for strong impartations
• Weekly sermons from Apostle Mantey
• Discounts on products from crusaders ministries

Oracle School of Ministry is distinct

It is an Spiritual incubator to Birth the End-Time Revivalists

Spiritual regiment of Prayer and Apostolic impartation to equip you for a global Revival.  You will develop an intimate relationship with the Lord that will launch you into an outbreak of Miracles.

Greater interactions with Tutors and Students

When you become a student of Oracle School of Ministry, you are privileged to be mentored by seasoned ministers of God. You have the opportunity to connect and interact with your tutors.

You will Become a Powerful Speaker

You will be trained to be an effective communicator of GOD’S WORD. You will be equipped with the tools to preach and teach as a seasoned orator whose lips is sanctified with flames the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Victorious Christian Lifestyle

The syllabus is structured in a way to equip you to be effective Christian, an empowered worker, proficient speaker and financial independent. We guarantee every area of your life will not be the same.

Turn your Talents into Income

Your will learn Entrepreneurial strategies to package your resources and messages for the market place to generate income.

Become an Authorpreneur

You will learn proven strategies to write books that sell. We will help to do your research and organize your layout for the book as hold your hand to publish and distribute books that will help you generate income.

How Oracle School of Ministry Benefited many

Oracle School of Ministry is not just an institution of spiritual excellence, but hands on mentorship program that will impart you with a spiritual grace, refine your talents, energize your spiritual gifts and enrich you with innovative strategies, and financial concepts to empower you for Excellency in every area of your life.

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Apostle Reindorf Mantey has impacted my life in a way that is very profound. His teachings reveals the heart of Jesus. His style of teaching also makes the practicality of Christianity clear. With his thought provoking messages, destiny awakening teachings, my life has dramatically turned from hopelessness to a place of assurance of a blessed future

Becky Mensah
Minister at Crusaders Ministry Ohio

Reindorf Mantey is one of the biggest influences in my life. Since I came to know him, I have transformed for the better. He is a man who is graced with such amazing insights in almost every part of life. Talk about self-development and he will provide a ton of resources and phenomenal advice to you. Start a conversation about money in one second and in the next 90 seconds, you will be mesmerized by the strategies he will communicate to you. Bring up God and you will be utterly shocked at how God speaks through him. I was very skeptical about life after my mom passed away. However, since I got to know him, my outlook on life has changed dramatically. Thanks to him, I have published my first book, (title of book). Reindorf Mantey is a versatile gift from God to humanity.”

Gertrude Morgan
via Crusaders Ministries

Oh my God! The revelation of truth at the appropriate time is priceless and cannot be compared to anything else.
Apostle Mantey totally shocked us out of our slumber with a very on-time word for this our generation.What am I referring to? The message which charged us to “discard our wishbones and develop backbones”.The lesson i have strongly held on to, is that my WISHES will never be realized unless i take it to a  higher level called DESIRE,where strong emotions are attached and i make a conscious effort to crystallize my strong desire into actionable goals which will gradually lead me to my dream,vision or goal.I really needed to hear this.
Just this small segment of the plethora of messages that Apostle Reindorf Mantey imparted unto us during the 3rd anniversary celebration of Celestial Endtime Ministries has totally changed my life and mindset towards achievement and making a positive impact in my generation.The Lord bless Apostle Reindorf Mantey and  Crusaders Ministries who have graciously shared him with us.WE ARE BLESSED!

Papa Nii Lailai
Pastor at Celestial Ministry

I went into my experience at Oracle Bible School with expectations of my growth, my change, my life being set the way I saw it going. My thinking was that I had most of the “Big Picture” figured out and was waiting on God to catch up.

The school however changed my entire perception about life and God and not only did I see growth and transformation in my life in a few months but the opportunities to immediately engage in my life’s mandate was impeccable.

I soon realized intimacy with God is the true way to success and maintaining your walk with God. I saw how much God required dependence and obedience in my life. I saw the practical side of Christianity outside the worship songs and the piety of Sunday worship.  Oracle was the place of birth of my purpose. The focus on capturing my destiny, assignment and the mandate on my life was a real push in the school.

Oracle was a place of serving and being served, by men and women of God who have carved enviable relationships with God which makes you want pursue intimacy with God the more. Finally, the depth of apostolic and prophetic insights that is exhibited by the leadership makes Oracle Bible school a recommended environment for anyone who is lost in ministry, struggling to accept the call of God on their lives or simply want to love God but don’t know how or what to do.

Pastor @ Crusaders Global Network