Equipping Ministers of God for A Global Impact.

Oracle is a Ministerial Network, a spiritual hub to facilitate social interchange, spiritual enrichment, and offers innovative strategies and tools for ministers of God to implement their divine mandate. Oracle offers the platform to amplify your message to the world. We equip Ministers of God with the tools to sharpen their spiritual gifts and talents for effective communication to the global community.

We utilize proven Marketing data and feasibility studies to determine whether a product is viable to make a sale for your business to be profitable. We therefore offer ministerial counseling and business consultation to help package their services for the niche.

Free Resources

Free Magazine Subscription

Monthly digital magazine that contains powerful, inspirational and insightful biblical teachings relevant spiritual upliftment of the members.It also chronicles the updates of the network, testimonies, prophetic directions for the month and new resources that will aid you to be effective in your ministry.

Weekly Podcast and Sermons

This is a free daily podcast that will energize and empower you to fulfill your life mandate

Ministerial Branding

Oracle Network has partnered with Nu Image media to help brand and package all members of Oracle Network with excellent productions and services in media. Let us help build a foundation to share the message of the Gospel in your own unique voice with the world and equip your brand with the tools needed for a long term growth and for global impact.

Membership Benefits

Ministry Publicity 100%
Product Developments 100%
Packaging and Branding 100%
Enriching Resources 100%
Networking Opportunities 100%
Discounts on Meedia Services 100%

Intercessory Covering

These are watchmen, seers, tenacious and battle tested warriors who will be assigned to you to bombard heaven with your petitions until it becomes a reality. These prophets will be available to you to give you the Word of God in season to illuminate your path with divine counsel. The prophetic council will also be submitting a quarterly report about what the Lord is saying concerning you and your mandate.

Technological Concepts

Technological ideas and innovative tools that will aid in taking your ministry global. These are times of technological explosions, which is propelled by a global market and will need the latest technological tools to be effective in reaching the masses. Therefore the network will be hosting various seminars to train and equip the members of this advancement so they can take their message global.

Regional Conferences

These are quarterly and yearly regional revival meetings; convocations that are structured to sharpen your spiritual edge. It is a time of renewal of anointing, activation of spiritual gifts, apostolic impartation, prophetic illuminations, insightful teachings that will thrust the members into a higher spiritual dimension in God and also in their ministry.

Membership Requirements:

To join the network, you must commit to

  1. Pray for the network;

  2. Support the network Financially;

  3. Spread the network;

  4. Serve the network with your talents & spiritual gifts when needed

Spiritual Resources

Our commitment to spiritual excellence, innovations, and technological advancements sets the tone of our resources. We present resources that will help in your edification, moral enhancement and economic empowerment.

Regional Conferences

We are committed to create a global platform that showcases the ministry of effective servants of God as we amplify their voice through innovative internet tools that will help communicate their message to a global audience.

Products & Packaging

We help ministries to package their services and messages into products helping them to develop a winning brand so that they can effectively serve and impact their target ministry niche or domain of influence.

Products & Packaging

We help ministries to package their services and messages into products helping them to develop a winning brand so that they can effectively serve and impact their target ministry niche or domain of influence.

Marketing & Branding

We amplify the voice of Ministers of God through innovative technologies, strategic marketing and effective distribution to reach the masses and to extend their influence throughout the whole world.

Entrepreneurship Training

We teach innovative business concepts and help develop and package your skills for the marketplace. We offer consultation services and hands on coaching for Ministers who want to touch the nations with their Message.




Become a Member, join the Family and access the Privileges

We have put together a comprehensive plan, benefits and privileges for all members of Oracle Ministry Network. Join us today and find out how you can be nurtured, equipped, empowered & groomed as an anointed Minister of God.

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