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Spiritual Resources

Our commitment to spiritual excellence, innovations, and technological advancements sets the tone of our resources. We present resources that will help in your edification, moral enhancement and Financial empowerment.

Regional Conferences

We are committed to create a global platform that showcases the ministry of effective servants of God as we amplify their voice through innovative internet tools that will help communicate their message to a global audience.

Products & Packaging

We help ministries to package their services and messages into products helping them to develop a winning brand so that they can effectively serve and impact their target ministry niche or domain of influence.

Partner with us to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Text  donate  to

As Oracle Global Partner, you are entitled to many benefits that will enhance your spiritual growth and enrich your lifestyle:

  • E-Newsletters

  • Devotionals

  • Video Teachings

  • Global Networking

  • Prayer Covering

  • Global Conferences

  • Mentorship

  • Discounts on Products

As a partner, you are granted the keys that will unlock the grace that God has bestowed upon this network. Partnership is a covenant relationship that releases an incredible force to propel the vision that the Lord has commissioned us. Though you might not be physically engaged in the evangelistic work, your finance enlists you to participate in fulfilling of the mandate of Oracle Network International.

As our partners, you become part of a spiritual family and aid to support the vision of Oracle Network. As a family member we are obligated to:

1. Seek revelatory truths on your behalf

2. Minister to you in teachings and periodical letters

3. Assign intercessors who will fervently pray for your needs

4. You are entitled to receive discounted products of the ministry for your discipleship and growth

5. Monthly resources & many more

As a Revival Partner, you can:

  1.  Tell others about us
  2. Pray for the Ministry
  3. Support us financially as the Lord leads you
  4. Joining us in fulfilling this mandate with your talents and gifts


Discipleship is the bedrock of this ministry. Every member or partner is engaged in spiritual discipline structured by the principles of God’s word. Our daily commitment to this discipline keeps us in spiritual shape to handle our divine endeavor. We therefore offer our partners, resources that enrich their faithand empower their walk in Christ.


Our training regiment is a spiritual boot camp that transform believers into effective workers through rigorous spiritual discipline, innovative spiritual concepts, and dynamic warfare strategies. As a Partner, you are have privileged access to these resources that will equip you for excellence in ministry.

Entrepreneurship Training

Our mandate is to equip believers with the divine keys to unlock the treasures that have been invested in them through their new birth. We offer the necessary training to guide the way into such great wealth. We also teach innovative business concepts that will impart you with the skills to be fiscally responsible and financially secured.